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    Ever try Kmart. ;) I did buy it maybe 5 years ago so maybe for some odd reason there was a price increase. And no its not a small lock box. Though I have one in it. The thing weighs more than I do if I had to guess 250 pounds, and I can just about fit in it (I'm 6' 185 lbs). (Yes I actually tried). Again I didn't shop around for deals just saw it one day. I am pretty sure at Tractor Supply they have similar gun safes around the same price. If you're seriously looking for one I can always stop by and see what they have a snag some pics. I do remember they having one more than big enough to fit two people in for about $700 awhile back.

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    Duane, I'm right with you until the lighter. That's overboard.

    The rest you said I'm fine with. If you can't keep your gun safe and out of the hands of criminals you too should be considered a criminal.

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    I will be one person who will back the ban of assault weapons and other related items. as well as tough access to permits and stronger and better safety courses. In most states it is easier to get a gun and a permit to carry then get a drivers license.

    I have not heard one valid argument for any private citizen owning an AR 15 or any weapon like that. NOT ONE! they are not needed for hunting and not needed to defend your home. They are assault weapons and meant to kill period and nothing more.
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    As I said weeks ago, a better system of classification is needed before any sort of ban or control can to through and even hope to be effective.

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    all guns are for killing, so why pick on the poor old AR15?

    wickabee, so if someone breaks into your home and steals a kitchen knife and uses it to stab someone, you should be charged?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shrewsbury View Post
    all guns are for killing, so why pick on the poor old AR15?

    wickabee, so if someone breaks into your home and steals a kitchen knife and uses it to stab someone, you should be charged?
    Do you keep your knife in a safe? Are you expected to? Would you keep a gun in a kitchen drawer?
    Let's try not to devolve this into little hypotheticals. A knife is a kitchen implement that can be used as a weapon as well. A gun is a weapon with no other use. They're not the same thing at all, so the comparison is moot.

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    why can't I keep my gun anywhere in my house that I want to?
    Kids are all moved out and it is just my wife and I.

    A gun is a hunting mechanism and a defensive weapon that can be used to commit crimes. There is a reason soldiers and police carry them

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    Because its extremely dangerous if someone gets ahold of it. Listen I am fine with you keeping your gun where ever the heck you want, but I want YOU reasonable in some way if a crime gets committed with said gun. If you made no real attempt to keep it locked up. I would like to add. a bullet proof vest is a defensive mechanism, a gun is an offensive one.

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    A gun is meant to kill. Because some forms are meant to kill animals makes no difference. Saying a gun for defense is just another way of saying it's for killing bad guys. Good or bad, killing is killing and that's what guns are designed to do. Kill.

    And for sure, keep your gun wherever you want. I don't think cops should be actively looking for homes with improperly stored guns or anything, but if your gun is stolen and that thief kills someone with it, I think you should be charged with, let's say, criminal negligence causing death.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BGT Masters View Post
    I picked one up for about half of that without even shopping around. And honestly if you cannot afford to responsibly keep a gun locked up, you probably shouldn't have a gun in the first place. Though I wouldn't be against some sort of write off for one. And in response to smoking, at least they are trying to finally do something about second hand smoke. of course if they wanted to do away with it altogether, I wouldn't care. However, comparing guns to anything else is more than likely going to be a bad comparison. What are you going to compare it to next, obesity and how many deaths it causes and banning food. Guns are pretty much in their own topic and I don't think I've read a comparison yet on here that makes any sense what so ever.
    I agree. But then again tens of thousands of people have kids who can't afford them so what do they do, let other people pay for them and leach off the system. But they can walk around in $300-$400 sneakers.

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