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    2004-05 Upper Deck Hobby - Live Break!

    Here we go!

    Pack 1: all base - no one notable

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    Just pulled an Exclusives /100 (Ronald Murray). Finally got a rookie (Robert Swift). Also another Flight Team (Wade). Still hoping for a mojo...

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    Rookie Review GU (Bogans). Childress rookie. Q-Rich Flight Team. J.R. Smith rookie. Halfway through the box now, but I already got the GU pulls - has mojo run out?

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    Vujacic rookie. LeBron Flight Team. Iggy RC. Shaq Flight Team (getting some good FT inserts, at least). Five packs left...

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    Dirk Flight Team (another good one). Dwight Howard Rookie Academy! Rolling on the inserts. Khryapa rookie. Last pack! ...

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    All base. Dang.

    Pretty average box, but the insert pulls were some of the best players available, at least. Fun break for $39.

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    Thanks. I am thinking I'll put the set together and use the rest as bait, so if anyone wants any of the inserts, parallels, rookies, or GU, just LMK.

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