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Thread: Halo 4 Double XP Codes Needed

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    Halo 4 Double XP Codes Needed

    Trying to prepare for the games release by getting some double xp built up so if you drink and of the mtn dews or eat doritos with the codes and don't use them please just pm me the codes. Thanks

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    I have a bunch of codes that I am looking to trade. Are you interested?

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    just so you know the codes work for multiple accounts so the stores dont care if you just take em off the bags. so no value in em. just saying. :)

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    Someone paid over $81 for 100 caps so I guess they are worth something. Also I would like to see you go into a store, take a lid off a Mountain Dew and the store wouldn't care. Just Saying!

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    ive got 200 worth of games from assorted bags and bottles anyone can have for free so. anyone paying is an idiot. and they have no idea what the promotion entails. i got given them off of a guy who used them for himself. :) ive used them and u can have them as well. not worth nothing. ! plus ur bumping a month old post from a guy who prolly did exactly what im saying. merry christmas.

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