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    Calvin Johnson breaks the record

    Congratulations to the young man in the loss to Atlanta. Falcons also clinch first round bye in the win.

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    Great game for Megatron! He deserved it, dudes a beast and he is a class dude. Now it's AD's turn to go pursue his record tomorrow.
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    Lions fan here, was pumped to watch it. I do enjoy him breaking it because he is a classy guy. While interviewing him and his dad I see where he gets that from. His Dad seemed real laid back too.

    As far as Peterson, he is the same for me. I root for him even though he is on a rival team. He had an ugly injury and has busted his hump to get back as fast as he did, and still be the best RB in football. I'm pulling for him to get his
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    Correction on the Atlanta statement. We (Falcons fan here) clinched home field throughout not a first round bye.

    I'm like you Jason. Though the Lions were playing my team, I was still glad to see him get the record solely on the way Calvin carries himself.

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    Yeah Megatron, not only did he break the single season yardage record, he broke the record for most consecutive 10 catch games and I believe most consecutive 100 yard games too. Oh and the real kicker. He totally smacked the Madden curse in the back of the junk and walked away like a boss.

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    First WR to get 2000 yards I suspect! I didn't like Gruden downplaying the achievement, with the whole "Meaningless yards" rant he did. Yeah the Lions sucked, but Barry was apart of some very sucky teams would you say his career was mostly meaningless yards? Calvin worked his butt off and has been beating double coverage and taking hits in the middle of the field, he earned it.

    Calvin is a cool customer too, liked how he said it was a team effort and everything very cool.

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    Watch the E:60 on Calvin. He comes from a good family and it shows with what kind of dude he is.

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    It was great to see him break the record, and it would be a feat to get to 2,000. I am sure he would trade the yards for some wins, but it is a great single season accomplishment. He could set a record that might never get broken.

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    As a Lions fan, I wouldn't want anybody other than Megatron to break Jerry Rice's record for the most reception yards in a season. Truly a reserve and humble superstar like that of Barry. Great accomplishment, but don't forget his touchdown totals is way down from last season and the Lions are still suffering in wins as a result of the "Madden Curse". Next season should be a better season with everyone back healthy and the curse lifted off their backs, but good to see a silver lining for Calvin this season, despite the disastrous year the team is having.

    I also would love to see my favorite running back in the game, Adrian Peterson, break Eric Dickerson's most rushing yards in a season records as well. Making these two players the gems of the 2007 NFL Draft.
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    Definitely happy to see Calvin get the record. Kinda wished it was Kellen Moore who threw the pass though!
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