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Thread: What would you do ( Ebay )

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    What would you do ( Ebay )

    I recently won an auction for a high end card and sent the seller a message with which day I would be paying ( with in 3 days ). I received an email from ebay ( seller ) stating that the seller wanted to cancel the transaction because the BIN price was supposed to be a reserve price. The seller states they are new to selling on ebay and were unsure how to fix that issue. The auction was for 7 days and I am assuming that the seller checked in frequently to see how much the card was going for. Now I am not sure I want to approve the request because there are tools available and it is easy to get a hold of ebay to help you fix these issues. I think it is more the seller didnt get what they wanted so they are just going to hold on to the card. Any help would be appreciated. I plan on paying for the card and handling the issue from there. The price I am paying for the card is over $100 bucks with a value I am putting on it of $250. Thanks for your thoughts and Merry Christmas

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    I think the seller is holding back. Anyone can easily google how to set a reserve price on ebay. Ebay also gives you a ton of tutorials on how to improve your selling.

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    i would of just cancelled it...because if the seller doesnt want to sell at that price they wont...if you pay they will just refund..and then eat the few dollars in seller fees..if a seller is dishonest you wont get what you bid on no matter what so might as well just cancel i mean your not out anything..then add them to the ignore list/blocked bidder list

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