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    Paint Pen vs. Blue Sharpie on Photos

    Does anyone know which one lasts longer? I've heard that blue sharpie fades on photos with time and paint pen chips off of photos over time. Does anyone know if this is true? Which would you prefer if you wanted to have a photo last the longest?

    Thanks for the help!

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    I would say Blue Sharpie. I've never had it fade on me, ever. And I have pieces that are 20+ years old. Paint pen looks awesome on certain photos, but you need to make sure you store and display it properly. The only time I've seen it come off is right after the signing if it is still wet and you try to cover it too quickly.

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    I have always used blue sharpie, and have had great success with them. I have not had any problem with using a sharpie.
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    I would say it depends on the photo. If the background is to dark for a Blue Sharpie. go with SRX Silver or Gold. The SRX's come in a pack of 12 I think. The Blue is sick looking. But, I usually use the Silver on a dark photo. I also use the SRX's on Black Bats. I've used both the Silver and Gold. I think the Gold looks better and I have not had any problems with the SRX's chipping on my photo's

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    Blue sharpie has only ever faded on photos larger than 8x10 that ive printed from sams club, I only use adorama now and not issues whats so ever.

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