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Thread: kubiak needs to be fired!!!!!!

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    kubiak needs to be fired!!!!!!

    before anyone says anything about schaub just remember he had 2 seasons passing over 4k yards with over 60% completion rate. schaub is inconsistant in the texans current offensive scheeme. they keep running the same plays in the same situations over and over even though they dont work. kubiak calls 60% drop back passes during the game and it has a success rate of 25% yet he keeps doing it. the texans oline isnt built for that. they're built for what they use to do. play action, cut back run plays, boot legs, screens, and short timing routes. this is what the texans offense was doing when it was so good and they had a far worse offense with a bad running game. this is my rant, but this is the problems with the texans. there's too much talent on the team for their offense to be so bad over the last several game. YES the viking have a great defense, but thats not the issue. the texans had the ball on the one yard line with ben tate in the game and they called 2 pass plays. why? tate was running the ball better than foster was. pound it till he breaks it in. it can happen ive seen him do it over and over. kubiak is a HORRIBLE manager. he needs to be fired or they need to let someone else call their offensive plays. the way he calls it now they are contingent on the offense running almost perfectly for it to even work.

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    The Texans are 12-3 and you want the coach fired?
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    i have said for a while that kubiak is a great draft coach but doesn't do a good job of calling plays. I wouldn't advocate him being fired but his offensive play calling has always been suspect.
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    early panic at 12-3??
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    today doesnt matter and the team played that way...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ensbergcollector View Post
    i have said for a while that kubiak is a great draft coach but doesn't do a good job of calling plays. I wouldn't advocate him being fired but his offensive play calling has always been suspect.
    This is extremely correct. Like the OP said though this is just a rant and he is upset on how they lost like anyone would be if there team, no matter there record, lost. So yeah there 12-3 but if they keep calling plays like this they will be outta the playoffs in there first game. He wont be/get fired unless they have an eagles type season which I dont foresee happening anytime soon.
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    Fired NO.. concerned, most certainly, Texans need to be hitting there stride for the playoff push, they look like they could be a one & done team right now.

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    12-3, most likely a first round bye and home field advantage throughout playoffs.. Yeah, fire the coach. :rolleyes:

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    well read everything i wrote. what most dont see is how the texans play calling goes game after game. he needs o be canned or have an offensive coordinator call plays from now on. 12-3 doesnt matter cause look at the last 5 games. the problem is he is predictable. even some of the texans players said this. the texans offense is horendous right now. its not because of the players. the play calling has been terrible. anybody that watches their games every week would know this. from an outside perspective it looks like a stupid idea. just remember the texans werent even playoff material till wade phillips came in. it isnt kubiak that makes that team as good as it has been the last 2 years.

    as i said hes not managing the games very well at all. texans fans know this. schaub is good. foster is good. the wr's are good. the talent on that team is better than most. the only cause for a team to fall like they have offensively is the play caller. kubiak calls the plays. the OC doesnt. thats why i say this cause as long as he's there he will call all the offensive plays. it isnt working and hes doing nothing to change it.

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