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    Autos/Game Used For Sale no higher than $3

    Check the New Thread

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    $40 is a blowout people, I am practically giving these away!

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    $37 for the lot
    thats $1 each with $1 for shipping!

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    Boris Diaw 2003-2004 Upper Deck Legends Signs of a Future Legend FL-BD $12
    Jacque Vaughn 1997 Genuine Article Autographs 22 $2 Sell $0.50

    Will take both of these cards if you still have them. Brand new to this forum, but plenty of years of dealing on AOL and EBay.

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    you price would be $3.50
    i can only take concealed cash let me know if you still want them

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    I'll take them

    Definitely want the cards- will send concealed cash. New to here- where's your shipping info?


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    i actually need $4.50 with shipping (bubble mailer and shipping is almost $2 alone) I posted the trade you should get a pm about it click on it and open up the trade. In the upper right hand corner cliick confirm trade

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    you need to confirm the trade in the trade manager

    also you need to add your address in your profile so people know where to send to

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