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    Donruss Threads Letterman Question? HELP

    Hey guys. I have a 2007 Calvin Johnson Donruss Threads Letterman /105. Now is there 105 sets or 15 of each letter. (15 sets total) Im kinda thinking this since 105/7(letters in johnson)=15. Any help would be appreciated as Ive yet to see this card sell.
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    I always thought that the 105 means that there are 105 of that number...which would make the sets available as 105 total sets of each card.
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    I used to think that too but after reading it seems like Letters are limited. Hopefully someone has a definite answer
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    each letter is #ed to 15(7x15=105).so you are right,15 complete nameplates is the maximum you could get... ;)
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    Lewis-RB- Thanks alot man. Alot of people compare it to the SP Rookie Threads one but I swore this one was more limited
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