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    i would u saw u got a good deal
    not a bad find or pick up at all

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    I woulda snatched it up should I have seen it. Nice find man.

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    i bought 2 base cards #ed/225 for $8 each a few weeks ago using Buy it Now. i couldnt believe how cheap this went. but after searching on beckett does it seem right that this only books for $20? or am i looking at the wrong one.

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    Nice find on the Jersey

    I've always wanted to get an auto of Reggie!!
    I was always a big fan of him while growing up.

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    i dont have any autos of him yet. i will soon though. they go for 40+ on ebay so ill stick with tayshaun prince for now i got one for $10 the other day.

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    that is awesome i bet fordman is jeoulus nice steal


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