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    I posted my top Sedin PC stuff earlier, but completely forgot about my one and only non-Sedin item that I own... took part in my very first (and only, so far) group break of my life this summer - 10 of us split a box of SPA. I was lucky enough to draw Edmonton amongst my 3 teams, figured I might get lucky and hit one of the top rookies. Instead, the top hit of the box was a redemption that listed only the player but not which team he was featured with - we scrambled for our cell phones and consulted the checklists online and sure enough this guy was featured as an Oiler (although I likely had my bases covered as one of the other two teams I got as LA)... didn't take too long for UD to fill the redemption, here it is!

    While I'm sure I could flip it for a few bucks, I'm most likely planning to keep it as who wouldn't want a nice hard-signed auto of arguably the best of all-time... unless a deal for a high-end Sedin 1/1 comes along, and then I might be tempted.
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    I traded for this card, which I consider to be one of the most beautiful hockey cards ever made:

    Here's the best autograph I pulled out of a pack this year, my first Gretzky auto:

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    Always looking for Bruins PC cards - Shields, 1/1s, anything high end! PM me if you want to trade!

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    Here are some of mine

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    Well if it's non mem auto then I'd have to go with this one so far!

    But I do love the look of this one!

    If it's not a problem to have some kind of mem on the card? Then it has to be these!LOL

    Super Collecting Jeff Skinner
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    Some amazing stuff on this page

    My top auto hit from a pack (GB hit)

    My top Gift from TysonX504. It was a custom that he got back after a couple of years. He had 3 of them and I said it was amazing and there it was in the mail

    Thanks again Tyson

    And the top PC auto. I won it at a golf tourny that I was in a foursome with Billy

    WTTF :
    Erik Karlsson/Marian Hossa/Billy Smith/Curtis Lazar Rookies

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    These were all aquired in 2012. Almost completed 07-08 versions (missing only LeCavalier and Modano) and as you can see by bottom row a good start on 08-09 versions, have 15 of them now.

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    Tavares Autos ONLY
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