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Thread: Buying: Nicklas Backstrom

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    Buying: Nicklas Backstrom

    This is my new buying thread for Nicklas Backstrom. These are the main things I'm looking for in order of importance.

    1) Anything from his rookie year that I don't have. (ie, FW Auto Patch /100, Ice Rookie /99, Young GUn Exclusives/HG)
    2) Stuff from 10/11 Dominion of him.
    3) Large lots of base/inserts/parallels that I don't have.
    4) SHL Elitset Cards of him that I do not have.
    My wantlist is located in my signature and here:
    Backstrom Want List

    Anything that does not have a ✔ beside it is what I don't have and what I am looking for.
    Looking forward to seeing what you guys got, and seeing my PC grow!

    Anyways, Merry Christmas and thanks in advance.

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    just pulled 12-13 BD Ruby #76/100. LMK if you need it

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlai624 View Post
    just pulled 12-13 BD Ruby #76/100. LMK if you need it
    Just got one in off of eBay so no sorry I do not need it.
    Merry Christmas though!

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    08/09 artifacts dual patch forsberg(blk/white) backstrom (rd/ wht/blue) 1/10 TT-FB

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