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Thread: One pack of totally certified

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    One pack of totally certified

    I bought a pack today on a lark when I was at the card store. I hardly ever sell my cards, but I doubt this will ever go up in value, and I spent a small fortune on tickets for my father and I to watch Louisville hopefully run Kentucky out of the gym. I put it on eBay with a reserve. Anybody have a guess on what it's worth? I have no idea, but hopefully I can get a hundred or two for it.

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    Id say somewhere between 100-200, the B.Griffin with a nicer patch went for 160. Im not sure if the reserve will help though, in general it usually scares bidders away because they feel they will probably not meet the reserve anyway and dont bother to bid. You might also want to add the word patch to your listing to help generate more search results. If you want to make sure you get a certain amount for it, its probably better to list it as a buy-it-now, that way you can control which offer you take yourself, and you will get a much better feel for what people are willing to pay for it.

    Nice hit BTW

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    Totally Green 2patch, very nice card.

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    Thanks, I appreciate the insight. I already paid the ebay fee for the reserve, so I guess I will just let the auction run and see what happens. I'll probably just end up listing it as buy it now or best offer, since I probably set the reserve too high anyway. When I pulled the card, I figured it was a maybe a $20 or $30 book value piece. I was shocked when the store owner told me it was worth something, since it's just a patch card.

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    Darn it. Moderator, can you delete my above post. I thought I had delted my DasKlein83 name from years ago. I wasn't paying attention, and my computer logged me on with that name. I'm sorry, it's not my intention to have two active accounts.

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    Those parallel cards sell for crazy money right now and it is an excellent investment and card to sell right now as well. Personally whenever I see a reserve or BIN I don't bother looking at the card or I filter that part of search out altogether unless it's a PC item and the asking price is only a little bit more than complete auctions. I figure your Paul is worth at least $100 and with the Clippers being as hot as they are right now, it should remain steady at that value.

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    Awesome card!!!!

    And I support Louisville running Kentucky out of the gym!!!!

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