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Thread: Your team,in,out or pending

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    Your team,in,out or pending

    Final week of the season,has your team been eliminated,clinched a playoff berth or is your team like mine the Giants and has to win and hope for lots of things to happen to get in,just curious,take care Steve.
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    My team is like the Giants, out.

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    The vikings win and in, but can also get in with a loss if the giants, cowgirls and bears lose. Im hoping for the win and in, but you just never know. Maybe we will get the win and AP can get 210 against the packers.

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    tampa bay and out..we out early this year because our super bowl championship will take alot out of us next year...need to rest up haha...

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    Actually Dan the Giants aren't eliminated and it really isn't that big of a stretch for them to get in,even if they don't deserve to.

    Vikings lose to the Packers good possibility.

    Cowboys lose to the Redskins,another good possibility.

    Bears lose to the Lions,this one is the tough one,but maybe Detroit will want to win at home.

    Eagles lose to the Giants,I think if the right Giants team shows up they should win their final home game.

    There you have it,not impossible but highly unlikely.

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    My team is in .. but hoping the 49ers somehow lose to the cardinals and the Pack lose to the Vikings we play the rams at home where we are 7-0 so we should win and that scenario would give us the 2nd seed.

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    My team (Atlanta Falcons) are in with the number one seed in the NFC. Hopefully we can break habit this year and win in the postseason. After all, the regular season means nothing if you can't get it done when it counts.

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    We are IN!!! Worst to berth, baby!


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    win and we are in next week

    go cowboys

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    Win and in. That's our only hope. Too much needs to happen in our favor if we lose and that's not likely.

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