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Thread: Hockey Pucks TTM

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    Hockey Pucks TTM

    I want to start sending hockey pucks TTM. I am just wondering how everyone is shipping them? Should I use a padded mailer both ways? Should I ship the puck in a display case to keep the sig from smearing?

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    I am 3/3 with pucks and here's what I do. I put the puck in a cube but keep the top half. I always send in a bubble mailer and obviously send a SAS mailer inside. It helps protect the puck and in my opinion, makes it easier to handle when signing. I've gotten Jimmy Howard, Valterri Filppula, and Chris Chelios back this way. I think it's really up to the signer if it gets smeared or not...just depends on how they handle the item. None of mine have come back with any smearing but it could happen. Good luck!

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