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    Some Rare Bears Attacked My Xmas Boxes (11/12 S2, Elite, Contenders)

    Got some Xmas boxes under the tree today, and had a blast opening them up... I wish I could have seen the actual prices my parents paid for them, because I think they were a little high... Nonetheless, it was a good, fun break, and one that I thoroughly enjoyed, despite the outrageous amount of bad playoff memories caused by some of the cards pulled...

    2011/12 UD Series 2:

    Rookie Materials: Zack Kassian
    UD Game Jersey: Dustin Brown
    Exclusives /100: Chris Kelly

    Bruins and Kings? BLECK.

    Sidney Crosby (Cool picture)
    YG Canvas:
    Lennart Petrell
    David McIntyre
    Kevin Marshall
    Andres Nilsson
    Cody Eakin
    Carl Sneep
    Brendan Smith

    2011/12 Elite:

    (All I can remember and didn't scan)
    Vincour, Miele, and a 3rd rookie

    Status Diecut:
    Corey Potter /99

    Rookie Stars:


    Frattin New Breed Materials
    Greg Nemisz Rookie Auto
    Tuukka Rask Elite Signings SP

    2011/12 Contenders: I got stamped!

    Devante Stamp-Pelly Calder Contenders /800 Auto Redemption
    Viktor Stalberg NHL Ink

    And... I left a couple cards out.

    At #2, remember when I said I always get patches instead of booklets out of Contenders when people get booklets and are disappointed they got no patch? Wellllll I gotz me a patch again I wanted a book... is that too much to ask for

    Tomas Vincour 16/100 Beautiful 3 colour with stitching, breaks etc. The condition is mehhhh. Lots of white dings, but eh, it's what you get with all black cards. Not a big name, but a former Vancouver Giant so I am happy :)

    At the tough #1 spot:

    The pack was extraordinarily thick, so thick that I assumed it was a Prime Numbers. I opened the pack and saw a thick card, and was shocked to see the jagged edges... not there on the right side. So, I was like OMG I HAVE A PRIME NUMBER AUTOGRAPH PATCH BEST PULL EVER... to only find out that it was square. Well, it's not a huge name, but it's a nice "prime" Patch:

    and it's #/25! Pretty nice pull :D

    That's about it, all is being kept for now and will be sold in person at shows and stuff for the most part, unless it is to be tracked that is.

    Oh, also found this strange looking base card. Any info on it?

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    Solid pickups. I'm curious, will that strange looking card go missing if you bring it to DC?
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    Please, no more offers for tradebait. I have enough of it as it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by miscs75 View Post
    Solid pickups. I'm curious, will that strange looking card go missing if you bring it to DC?
    If I were to go to the White House, then it might find it's way to a Chick-Fil-A or something. Also if I start asking it questions, then it tends to go hide back in the pack.

    Quote Originally Posted by spxrules View Post
    wow nice thomas dwtc !!!!
    Thanks, I was just like oh this is a cool picture... wait... it's a DWTC! I was pretty excited. S2 has been good to me. Hit the top YGs in my first hobby, the RNH Team Canada sigs in my second hobby, and the Thomas in my third :D

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    Nicely done with the Thomas and nice patch on the Vincour. Greats breaks all around.
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    Majorly collecting Steven Stamkos (853 unique cards)
    Also looking for other current Lightning players

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    Quote Originally Posted by UltimateHockeyFan View Post
    Nicely done with the Thomas and nice patch on the Vincour. Greats breaks all around.
    Thanks man!

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    Sick Thomas pull and a funny pic. Haan is real nice as well!

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    Sick Thomas Day With The Cup card! While I hate the Bruins I am a Tim Thomas fan for his story, his beliefs, and his goalie skills.

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