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    For the Moose:
    Alexandre Bolduc signed between the antlers (AB)
    Wade Flaherty signed beneath the left antler (W)
    Nolan Baumgartner is the top right autograph
    Alex Auld is the auto beneath it

    That's all I can tell so far lol.

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    IMG_9722.jpg- Wild all star banner , leafs orniment , rare ?
    IMG_9727.jpg- Hall, Nuge Habby mini stick /10000

    IMG_9732.jpg Oilers banners ? Year rarity ? Value ?
    IMG_9748.jpgIMG_9740.jpgOilers puck , Year , Value , Rarity ?

    Well that's everything ! I hope you all had as good as a Christmas as I did ! Please give me your feedback and Happy Holidays ! Thanks ! C.J.

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    Thats a mid-90s (94-96) All-Star Jersey. Some solid pickups. As for the autographs, look up rosters from that season and match numbers to the roster to figure out autos.
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    Please, no more offers for tradebait. I have enough of it as it is.

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    Hitman Jersey is from 1995/96-97/98

    The Tocchet is from either the 87/88 Canada Cup, 1989/90 World European Championship, or 1991/92 Canada Cup.

    The Western Conference All Star is 1993/94-1996/97

    The Hamilton Bulldogs jersey is from 1996-2003

    Aside from that Google is your best bet :) Nice pick ups!

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    Thanks guys ! Any other help or estimates would be much appreciated !

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    Looked like Rick Rypien (#37) was also on the Moose jersey, that's a good one to have. Wonder if Bourdon is on there too, didn't see it at a quick glance.

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    That would be awesome ! Anyone else feel free to let me know what you think ! And if your in the Edmonton area and are interested in anything or just coming by to take a look at my full collection shoot me a pm !

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