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Thread: how do you prioritize

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    how do you prioritize

    i can never decide wether to trade for pc stuff or tradebait. which is better to do. i dont have much money for cards so i cant buy boxes to get a guarenteed pull. in short should i trade for pc stuff. or build up a tradebait collection first? thanks

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    You have to mix it up a little. If someone has something I want for my PC, I go for it, no questions asked. However, if I see something being offered that wouldn't be in my PC, but I know is popular, I go for that, too. If someone comes to me because I have a card they really want, I can usually find a waay to get it to them. That's what it's all about, right. However, if someone comes to me and wants something that I know would just be trade bait for them, it's much more difficult to get from me. And those traders who only trade for bait cards? Forget aren't going to get anything from me.

    Look for the stuff you collect first. If someone wants something you have, work with them. Thats where you pick up your nice trade bait.

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