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Thread: 2011 Topps Chrome Hobby box

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    2011 Topps Chrome Hobby box

    Hey all, got a box of these for Christmas from my inlaws, which was super cool. Not the best box but I just loved that years product and the look of a lot of the inserts. Here's what I got.

    Alex Green

    Blue Ref
    Jamaal Charles 21/199

    Black Ref
    Mark Ingram RC (nice) 81/299

    Crystal Atomic ref
    Steven Jackson 10/139

    Superlative RC blue ref
    Mikel Leshoure 2/50

    Then of course I got your standard RC crop and refractors. Not a terrible box cause I collect Lions for myself and Packers for my inlaws and of course my MIL bought the box with a Packer auto and Lions refr #'d to 50. Score haha.

    I was thinking, are the X-fractors only available in the blasters? I didn't get any and I don't know enough about those haha. Thanks for looking.

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    Not a bad break at all. Pretty cool to get the Packer and Lion cards. I'd be more happy with the Packers cards myself. :)
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    Yeah, I thought it was pretty good for the PC. I'm not sure I would pay what most places are asking for it per box, but always makes a great gift. lol.

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    Xfractors are only a Retail thing
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    Quote Originally Posted by 11chaos View Post
    Xfractors are only a Retail thing
    Thanks, that's what I thought. I thought the Crystal Atomic was an X-fractor at first when I pulled it lol. Like the look of both of those.

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