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    BOXING DAY SALE : Does anyone know what retail stores have Trading cards on sale??

    please let me know if you know of any retail stores having sales on blasters or what not. I checked a fair amount of websites and no luck on details there.

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    Went to walmart right at opening. Zero sales on boxes, other than the $15 12/13 ud s1 blasters, which were on sale prior to xmas.

    In past years, they've had 50% boxes during boxing day week sales, but nothing I could see; almost bought a 08/09 box of victory for the hell of it.

    edit: went to the closest TRU when they opened too, no sales there either.. I guess north-of-7 gets my box money.
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    CloutsnChara just went up. Basically same as Black Friday it looks like.

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    SCF... check out *No Boxing day sales* but they have some good prices.. Fast Shipping, great service.. (Located in Ottawa)

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    Was in their store yesterday. They've got some good prices on stuff.... especially 10-11.

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    CloutsnChara just went up. Basically same as Black Friday it looks like.
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    I was excited for DAcardworld boxing sale. Almost everything in the store on sale! Yeah, like $1-$2 off. I was so ready to splurge, but logged out with an empty cart.

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