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    2012-13 Prizm 2-box break for Christmas

    My wife picked me up two boxes of Prizm for Christmas. The deal was that I could open one box before we did the family thing and one box when we got home from doing the family thing. Anyone familiar with this product is typically hoping for a gold, any gold prizm, and a half-decent auto. Before I show the hits I need to say the second box was a complete dud. I was shorted an auto(claim filed already) and it was just a bad break. As for the first box...

    Gold Prizm? Check.

    Half decent auto? Double check.

    THis is the Prizm auto out of 25.

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    I double checked the auto, he seems to be a scrub, Who the heck is Kobe Bryant?! Would you be looking to trade? LOL All kidding aside, nice break! LMK if moving the Kobe. Thanks!

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    Thank You Gentlemen. As for trading it...I actually hit a Kobe Anthology auto relic /8 earlier this month. I am going to keep one of the Kobe autos. If I am trading this one I am using it to trade into an MJ auto...more specifically one of the SP Authentic UNC by the letter or Lettermen autos. The Anthology auto I don't like as much so for that one I would be looking for a Durant auto from his rookie season, specifically one of his autos that is considered his rookie.

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    Kobe auto and gold prizm in the same box, congrats!

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    I got a very lucky box on Christmas. Unfortunately my second box was a dud.

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    Wow I'm hating on you lol! NICE MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!

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    Thank you. I've never liked Christmas so much!

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    Merry Christmas everyone. Gold and Kobe can't get better then that those are two case hits.

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    Incredible! Wish I had that kind of luck lol!

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