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Thread: my tj graham pc i just started

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    my tj graham pc i just started

    long story short i was a basketball collector for along time then panini became exclusive and i got burned i decided id try i know very little about football players and their values and collectability so how do i come about picking a pc player...easy lol i went to walmart grabbed a blaster of topps chrome 2012 and decided fate will decide and the best card in the box will be the player i pc...well in the one blaster i got these and decided it was pretty clear lol

    normal insert

    normal insert

    refractor sp/75

    so after those 3 cards i felt it was pretty clear lol so i hit up ebay and found this one thought it was weird that it said player worn jersey yet its a ball lol


    now i will update this as they keep coming in i have about 40 packages incoming from here, ebay, and blowout

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    Nice start! Football is fun to collect. Good start so far!

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    oh i got some really nice stuff incoming lol...really nice stuff

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    very nice collection you have started...

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    I've done that before with starting a PC. Kind of a fun way to start so you don't feel so connected to the player either through their college or pro team. I did that this year with Bernard Pierce, even though I was secretly hoping/wanting to do a PC of him.

    Awesome looking cards to start. Can't wait to see those 40 packages coming in.

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    thanks guys and gals for the kind words

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    got 8 more cards in today...couple decent cards..1 scf trade and 2 ebay packages...have tons more incoming and will try and update daily with any new mail

    normal topps rc

    topps finest rc

    topps chrome rc

    topps chrome pink refractor sp/399

    topps platinum xfractor

    press pass auto sp/199

    gridiron football dual patch sp/49

    oh and this biggie huge shoutout to bradyfanatic1224 for selling me this one as well as a few of the others

    topps chrome red zone rookies 1/1

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    didnt get anything huge in today but i did get 10 more cards for the pc



    not numbered




    not numbered

    11/50 jersey number



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