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    New to TTM

    Hey everyone! Im new to TTM and I can't wait to get my first one back. I have a question even though it may sound dumb. If I send someone a mini helmet and a sharpie to sign it should i push down on the tip of the sharpie and "flatten" it so the signature isn't so thin? I will send a fine point sharpie. The color will vary depending on the helmet color. Thanks for any help and I can't wait to share my successes!!!

  2. Kronozio
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    Hello and welcome to SCF!!

    If you don't want a thin sig then why send a fine point? I would send a med point sharpie instead.

    Good luck!
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    agree with above poster. at office depo or other supply store you can get different pens.
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    welcome, hope you enjoy it
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    Thanks for the responses. I guess I was having a duh moment.

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