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    A Couple more added to the PC, looking for anything on the list!

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    Finally purchased a Cup Rookie Redemption, hopefully will be in soon and a sweet patch! Looking to add some more Sateri. Possibly can buy, but mainly looking to trade.

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    Updated today, looking to add some more to the PC!

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    All updated tonight, hoping to add a few more soon. A huge one ended in the next couple days, hope i can snag it!

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    Added this SP Authentic - SOTT Duals Sateri/Stalock #SOT2SH last night! Glad to have this one on the way as its a tough one to find. Looking to add more sateri!

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    Updated Sateri List today. Few more knocked off since last time.

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    Just about to 70 in the collection, looking to add some more! Let me know if you have anything.

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