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    I'm not gone! I just had to PATCH UP my Skinner Collection! New additions inside!

    Well it's been forever and a day since I did a stinking mailday!LOL So since my newest additions have been on the patchy side. I thought now would be a good time to do this S&T! If these cards are a sign of things to come! I think I'm going to be alright! On a side note, part of the reason for the lack of threads on here is because I have started to slow down a little on collecting. I used to just buy everything as quick as possible! I have learned to be a little more patient! Enought of this blah blah blah! On to the show! Comments are always welcome, Brad.

    First up!

    11/12 OPC Retro that I can't seem to find the pic for?LMAO I think I deleted it on accident!LOL

    11/12 Limited Team Trademarks Silver /49

    Now for some Jersey cards that I got lately!

    New Pickup
    10/11 Donruss Rookie Showcase Threads

    11/12 Limited Jumbo Jersey PRIME

    11/12 Limited Jersey Number Die Cut

    And one Auto that is a double
    10/11 Ultimate Sigs

    Now before we get to the Patchy goodness. Lets see some of the new non patch pickups shall we? Some of the numbering on these are pretty interesting! Not that I'm into that whole ebay 1/1 nonsense!(Unless it helps me when I'm selling one!HEHE)

    11/12 The Cup Base Jersey 1/25

    Now this is officially my first EVER ITG card!
    11/12 ITG Superlative Famous First Rounders Hall/Seguin/Skinner/Connolly /9

    Okay so 1 more before we get to the patches! This one is a very SP base!

    11/12 Certified Base Mirror Emerald 1/5

    Okay so now for the patchy goodness and the top 5 of this S&T! Enjoy the show! These are all NEW PICK UPS EXCEPT 1!

    10/11 Zenith Rookie Roll Call PRIME(this is actually a patch and I'm sorry it's really hard to see it)

    #4 This is where it gets tough!
    10/11 Dominion Rookie Dual Patches /15

    11/12 The Cup Base Patch 10/10

    #2(A double but I love it!)
    10/11 The Cup Triple Patch Staal/Skinner/Ward 2/10

    And it goes well with the bottom card in this pic which is ironically 1/10!!!!!!!!!!!!(I honestly didn't realize the numbering situation when I picked up the double!LOL)

    #1 And the Final card is!
    10/11 Ultimate Rookies Auto Patch 2/25

    I have more coming in as we speak but it could be a while before I post another S&T thread. Can't be sure but only time will tell! Enjoy your holidays and be safe please! And a big THANK YOU to all those on this forum that have helped me along the way!
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    Wow patchy goodness indeed......congrats on the great pickups

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    Amazing pickups. Nice to see you got that Ultimate rookie auto patch, not just that but with an amazing patch.

    Good to see your still going strong, talk to you soon.


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    Love, Love, Love those Ultimate ARP's!!! Nice pickups bud!!


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    i'm glad the #1 star made its way safely to you. :) i'm very happy to have sold it to a fellow player collector.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkyFire47 View Post
    i'm glad the #1 star made its way safely to you. :) i'm very happy to have sold it to a fellow player collector.
    Got any more Skinner?LOL Thanks for the card even though I didn't know it was you selling it! It is a very nice addition to my collection, Brad.

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    Dear Brad,

    Your new Skinner cards suck.


    PS. No, they really don't, but I gotta keep face.
    Looking for: Jean-Gabriel Pageau (Main PC), Erik Karlsson (Secondary PC)
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