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Thread: I have $25 for a nice auto lot

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    I have $25 for a nice auto lot

    Looking for a nice lot of auto cards. Can take some RC's too, but not looking for GU at the moment. Looking to get atleast 3 cards for $25. Shipping to Sweden should be included in that price. Lets see what you have for me!

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    I will get a lot together for you when I get a chance!

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    09-10 Champs Jonas Gustavsson AU
    11-12 Artifacts Autofacts David Backes AU
    09-10 SPA Cal O'Reilly FWA

    Pics are in my bucket.

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    Thanks for the offers, still looking for a few more offers before I decide

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    12-13 Artifacts Autofacts Johan Motin auto
    11-12 Contenders NHL Ink David Rundblad auto
    10-11 Zenith Mattias Tedenby rc auto

    PM me if interested
    Main PC: Daniel & Henrik Sedin (both on same card) - mem, auto, insert...doesn't matter!
    Secondary PC: Bo Horvat

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