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    Thumbs up End of year clearance on ALL Gued cards & Autos: Buy 2 Get 1 FREE or Buy 6 Get 4 FREE

    Buy 2 get 1 FREE or buy 6 get 4 FREE. Prices are listed after each card, lowest price prevails on the free or free cards. S/H will be $2.50 for up to 6 cards and $.05 for each additional card. First come, first served on all final buy decisions.

    Scroll down about 1/5th of the page to view the game used cards and autographs:

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    Just completed an 18 gued card lot, plus 12 gued cards for free through an email deal. Anyone else?

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    This sale will continue into the new year, since it has been doing well and I have been able to help others get some projects completed or dented into.

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