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Thread: Tony Gonzalez Collection

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    2002 Bowman #23 Tony Gonzalez

    2002 Bowman #23 Tony Gonzalez Topps Vault front & back proof photos and original Topps file envelope

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    I think the only GU TTT rainbow I have complete (looking for the other two 1/1's of anyone has leads)

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    Thanks again for the comments, I typically don't have people to share cards with unless they are online.

    Okay, a couple more then maybe a few more autos...

    2008 UD Premier Rainbow

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    I am guessing the /14 is because of 14 seasons in the NFL?

    1997 Vision Signings 97 Draft Pick Tony Gonzalez Auto RC

    2004 UD NFL Legends Link to the Future #LF-GW Tony Gonzalez/Kellen Winslow [RC] Auto Card 20/50

    2004 SP Authentic Sign of the Times #SOT-TG Tony Gonzalez Autograph (Also have the gold /25 version)
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    2011 Topps Chrome #87 Tony Gonzalez Complete Rainbow. (Includes: Base Card, Refractor, Xfractor, Orange Refractor, Purple Refractor, Black Refractor 131/299, Blue Refractor 090/199, Atomic Crystal Refractor 106/139 (Hobby Exclusive, 1:341), Sepia Refractor 29/99 (Hobby Exclusive, 1:33), Gold Refractor 39/50 (1:188), Red Refractor 01/25 & Superfractor 1/1 (1:3,256))

    2011 Topps Chrome #87 Tony Gonzalez 1/1 Printing Plates (Black, Yellow & Magenta)

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    2002 Topps #9 Tony Gonzalez

    2002 Topps #9 Tony Gonzalez Topps Vault proof photo and original Topps file envelope

    2003 SP Game-Used Edition Signific Signatures #SS-TG Tony Gonzalez 22/50 Auto BGS 9.5/Auto 10

    2007 Donruss Elite #50 Tony Gonzalez Aspirations 05/12

    2008 Topps Stadium Club #63 Tony Gonzalez Magenta Printing Plate 1/1

    Have the complete rainbow, including the uncirculated gold, and this now makes two printing plates.

    Topps released this platinum blank back (the normal is the 1/1) about two months ago (Dec. 2012). Not sure why it didn't hit ebay a couple years ago, but it completes my if I can find the regular platinum. I think this is the only one released as such, but I don't count it as a 1/1 in my count.

    2011 Panini Playbook Grass Roots /25. Still need the /49 version, but I do have a /10 version with a Reebok logo...and makes it so I can show you a complete falcons patch, through various cards. (Only part of my wings are backwards...they face differently on the different shoulders.)

    I have a 1/1 with a shield, and a few of the /99 so this completed a mini rainbow. Several are collecting the /25 set, so I was glad to score one after 5-6 tries.
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    2011 Topps Legends Gridiron Legacies Relics Oversize #GLSS-TG Tony Gonzalez 12/15 (I bought three of these and only got 1 in the mail....I guess my bad luck card)

    2011 Panini Gold Standard #31 Tony Gonzalez Black Gold 04/10

    2012 Panini Certified #16 Tony Gonzalez Blue 09/10 (Have two of them)

    ....I am a big certified emerald fan.

    2007 Topps TX Exclusive Franchise Winning Ticket #FWP-TG Tony Gonzalez Jersey Patch 02/15 & 06/15

    Okay, more scans tomorrow...
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    Wow. Some great cards of a great player.
    "If we can hit that bull's-eye, the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards. Checkmate!" - Zapp Brannigan

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