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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMan1978 View Post
    In Mass you can now - I have always found funny - being a perosn who doesnt drink. I could buy a beer before the banks opened!
    Conn I am not not so sure
    Connecticut just changed theirs and Sunday sales are allowed now until 5 PM

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrveggieman View Post
    I don't drink but as far as I know in Dekalb and Fulton counties you can now buy alcohol in the liquor and grocery stores on sunday.
    Same here, not much of a drinker either. I lived in Columbia County and worked in Richmond County. Not sure if they changed yet.

    EDIT: I did some quick research and it looks like Columbia and Richmond counties have changed their laws
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    So many county laws in America were based upon the Temperance Movement and the Volstead Act - 18th Amendment. The fundamentals for societal anti-alcohol behaviour came largely from the Evangelicals, the Baptists, Apostolics, and Full-Gospel Churches, the followers and founders of re-born behavior, with Total Emersion Baptism.

    It's funny.... My Hometown's nickname is called "Little Chicago" because it was the busiest Bar Town in Canada West of Toronto when Americans were going through the 13 years of the Volstead Act. It had direct access from Chicago by Train, as there was not a rail line from Minneapolis to Winnipeg.

    It had 75 bars, and 50 Hoar-houses in 4 square blocks, the most famous street being "River Street" which is not on the actual river. It was a Wild West town.

    The funny thing about the large Women's Temperance Movement that gave the Volstead Act it's impetus had thousands of chapters all over the USA and Canada. As of 1980, the only legitimized WCTU (Woman's Christian Temperance Union) in Canada was still registered and functioning in my hometown - Moose Jaw.

    My Dad said the town was off the hook for 10 plus years because of the Volstead Act. He was a 12 year old with his two older brothers making 10-15 45 Gallon Crock Jugs of Shine, daily, and turning it into Whisky for thirsty Americans.

    It's very strange that so many of the County Legislated laws in America have taken this long to repeal or change, It will be the 100th anniversary of the 18th Amendment in another 7 years time.

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