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Thread: Your 2013 SCF Goals

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    Your 2013 SCF Goals

    Saw the other thread and decided to start this one. Mine are as follows.

    Complete the Kendall Wright Chrome Auto and NonAuto Rainbows (supers included)
    Not get any suspensions or end up getting banned (toughest one for me)
    Have fewer people on my ignore list than completed feedback (ignore list is higher now so got to make some deals!)

    What are yours?

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    Become a Semi-Star trader
    Get post count to 5,000
    Get no infractions
    Keep 100% feedback
    Find this one card I need
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    get 2500 cardinals cards.

    i almost did my goal for this 12 cards off lmao ....goal was 2000. i picked up almost 1200 different cardinals cards this year

    get to 100 trades
    have 5308 different cardinals cards
    Total Different Cardinals Autos: (210 MLB Players) Total cardinals autos: (310)
    Total baseball Autos: (724)

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    I was 10 off from my 2012 goal of 100 trades

    Anyway for this year:
    1.) BOBROVSKY!!!! (Continue the pc and hope to get Super Collector status by end of the year)
    2.) 200 trades
    3.) Lets say 3500 comments
    4.) Start using the TTM manager and work on some TTM projects
    5.) Have some fun!!!

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    To sell or trade my remaining 12,000 cards, down from 475,000 in 2002.

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    My goals:

    1. Reach 300 feedback
    2. Find the last two black parallel cards I need for my 2009 Topps wrestling set.
    3. Reach 15,000 posts.
    4. Obtain 5 1/1 cards for my Wrestling collection.
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    Since I'm just getting back after almost 20 years, I want to sort out my collection, trade what I don't want for cards I want, Try to get around 1000 or so posts and quite a few trades.

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    Reach 55% of all Bailey's including 1/1s.
    Andrew Bailey: 198/241 not including 1/1's (82.2%); 212/438 cards including 1/1's(48.4%)

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    My goals this year:

    Reach 250 Feedback
    Reach 100 Auto/GU of players in Michigan Wolverine uniforms
    Continue working on various PCs.

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