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Thread: Your 2013 SCF Goals

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    1) Focus more on vintage.
    2) Complete the 71-72 topps/OPC hockey booklet set
    3) Finish the T205 Yankee team set.
    4) Get 100 trades
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    Major PCs
    : St.Louis Blues, Keith Tkachuk, vintage cards, and GU/autos of vintage players
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    Goals for 2013:

    Posts 30,000+
    Feedback 700+
    Add some new perks to the VIP program!
    Finish my 1958 Topps Football Set

    More to come later...

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    Organize that mess that I call a card collection and get everything into binders.

    Get my feedback score to 200 with no negative or neutral feedback.

    Branch out into comic books.

    Branch out into political memorbillia.

    Do more IP/TTM autos.

    Work on my nba hoops auto sets as well as the mcodnalds all american sets.

    Collect anything interesting that I can get my hands on.

    Sell more on ebay.
    Drug and smoke free trading.

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