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    WTB 2012-13 Forever Rivals Gold base cards.Just one more to go.

    I am looking to buy the following 2012-13 ITG Forever Rivals gold base card.
    PLMK by PM if you can help.I will also trade for it if you have it.PLMK.Thanks.

    PS:For anyone else that is working on this set and if you happen to have
    the #4 Aurel Joliat.I could trade you up to 3 of ones that you need for your
    set if you were willing to part with the Joliat.It would get you a couple cards
    closer to finishing your set while it finished mine.Just a thought is all.

    2012-13 Gold Base Needed:
    2012-13 ITG Forever Rivals #4 Aurel Joliat
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    TTT again.PLMK

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    Try this again.PLMK

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    Try this again.PLMK

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    up again.PLMK

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    Try this again.PLMK

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    Up for another try.PLMK

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    Still looking for this one last card.PLMK

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    Just one card.Someone must have it.PLMK

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    Still need this one card.PLMK

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