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    I was really hoping I could keep these cards! Nice RC AUTO'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is what I got, I put a price down and I will not go much lower, these are goods cards. PLMK if interested.
    I recently put these up for sale, but pulled out. I was really hoping I could keep these, but I can't so they are up for sale.

    2001 Rod Gardner Topps Rookie Premiere RC AUTO /25. BV $100.00
    Sell $30 DLVD.
    2001 Bowman Chrome RC AUTO Chris Chambers /25. BV $100.00
    Sell $50 DLVD
    2003 Donruss Eite Turn of the Century RC AUTO Rex Grossman #'d 10/125. BV $60.00 (not for long)
    Sell $30 DLVD.
    2001 Donruss Elite Turn Of The Century RC AUTO Santana Moss #'d 41/50. BV $80.00
    Sell $50 DLVD
    2001 Donruss Elite Turn Of The Century RC AUTO Rudi Johnson #'d 46/50. BV $80.00
    Sell $40.00 DLVD
    2001 Donruss Elite Turn Of The Century RC AUTO Chad Johnson #'d 7/50. BV $120.00
    Sell $65 DLVD
    2001 Toppe Reserve Autographs RC AUTO Michael Vick. BV $200.00
    Sell $80 DLVD
    2001 Topps Debut RC AUTO Michael Vick #'d 23/499. BV $250.00
    Sell $100 DLVD
    2001 Bowman Autographs RC AUTO Michael Vick. BV $200.00
    Sell $80.00
    1998 Randy Moss SP Authentic Players Ink Green RC AUTO. BV $150.00
    Sell $75 DLVD
    2004 UD Diamond Pro SIgs Gold RC AUTO Ben Troupe #'d 22/25. BV $50.00
    Sell $10 DLVD
    2001 Fleer Hot Prospects Postmarks RC AUTO LaDainain Tomlinson. BV $200.00
    Sell $125 DLVD
    2005 Finest RC AUTO Carnell Willaims #'d 229/299. BV $200.00
    Sell $80 DLVD
    2004 Skybox L.G. Future L.E.gends AUTO JSY RC Michael Clayton #'d 3/25. BV $80.00
    Sell $20 DLVD
    2000 Collectors Edge Rookie Ink Brian Urlacher #'d 416/795.
    Sell $20 DLVD
    2003 Topps Pristine Autographs RC AUTO Larry Johnson.
    Sell $20 DLVD
    2004 Reflections Signature Threads LTD Patch RC AUTO Roy Williams #'d 19/21.
    Sell $80 DLVD
    2005 Absolute Memorabilia Gold AUTO RC /100 BV 100. Sell $20 DLVD.

  2. Kronozio
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    Interested in the Chambers 01 Bowman Chrome auto/25 (refractor)?and the Larry Johnson pristine auto. Can you give me the best combined price on the 2? also whats the last auto on the list? who?

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    I could do $65 for Chambers and LJ, adn that is a really good deal.
    Chambers books $100, but sell well since it is one of his rarest RC AUTO's.

    Last AUTO is Mike Williams, WR Detroit.

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    in the new beckett it shows the bowman chrome auto bv=80?

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    I do not have scans of any of my cards. Sorry man.

    There is no way it could have gone down, it booked 100 before he had a pro bowl season. Has a refractor background. A very cool card.

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    the beckett I'm looking at has Hines Ward on front. March 06. Is it serial numbered to /25 or is that a stated print run? I want the cards so please hold for me until I let you know later today? You do have paypal? In the mean time see if you can come down a bit...

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