im selling some of my collection, some of the loose pieces... got some great old coins passed down to me, and some nice collectible stuff, all prices competitively. will concider trades for hockey cards or silver maples, bars or gold, and will trade up.

1 Canadian Silver Dollar (1967) 23 delivered
1 Canadian Silver Dollar (1963) 28 delivered
1 Canadian Silver Dollar (2003) 26.** grams of .999 /30k 42 delivered (w box)
Canada Silver Dollar (1993) Stanley Cup Canada x2 (both w box) 30 each
2000 Millenium .999 Silver Quater 18 delivered
2012 Canada Queen Elizabth $20 (FaceValue) coin 30 (with papers)
4 Silver Canadian Quarters 7 each or 22 delivered for the lot
2 Canadian Silver Half Dollars 12 each delivered
16 Canadian Silver Dimes 3 each delivered or 40 for the lot
1999 queen charlotte 225th silver coin (w box) 30 delivered
Montreal Olympics Silver Coin Set (5 oz) 140 delivered

thats 457$$ worth of ebay sale value!!!!!

take the lot for 357 delivered

check out the sale values on ebay yourself. great deal here.