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    GROUP CASE BREAK: 2011 Gold Standard 5 box case

    HOW ABOUT 2011 Panini Gold Standard?

    Hey guys. Let's try a 5 box inner of 2011 Panini Gold Standard. There is not telling what we may still be able to pull out of that stuff. 25 hits and 25 spots.. lets fill this fast for a wekend break!

    There will be 25 total hits in this break!

    This group break is going to be done as a CARD DRAFT BREAK. After you post your interest in a slot number, I will put your name in the list. After it is filled and paid, I will randomize the MEMBER SLOT LIST 5 times. That will give us our card draft order. After we get that order, we will bust the case. Each member will then draft their hits based upon the draft order. We have 25 slots for 25 hits, so everyone gets a hit! Slots must be paid for via Paypal.

    The price for each individual slot is $28 delivered. Additional spots are only $28. This covers the case, shipping, paypal fees, and new toploaders/sleeves/teambags/bubble mailers for these cards.

    People outside of the U.S. are welcome to join, however, delivery confirmation isn't affordable on packages going outside the U.S. I can't be responsible if these get lost, but I would be happy to get international tracking if you pull something really nice and wanted to get that security of having it tracked at your expense. The packages will be properly packaged and supported by myself and sent with DC. Insurance is OPTIONAL. If you would like to purchase insurance, you may. Otherwise, I amNOT responsible for damage done by the USPS.

    There is a limit of six (6) slots per member.

    Once you have posted your interest in a slot (pick a slot position), I will post the trade with payment information inside. Once you confirm the trade, IT IS A BINDING DEAL. Payment is expected within THREE DAYS of confirmation. If you do not pay before the three days expire, you will lose your slots. If you pay and the group break doesn't fill, a proper refund will be given! That will get this process rolling much faster!

    If you trade or sell your slot to another member on SCF and you post a trade in the trade manager for the transaction, the cards will go to the original owner of the slot who will then be responsible for shipping the cards to the new owner of the slot. This prevents anyone from receiving feedback for technically not doing anything.

    Once all members have paid the product will be ordered and the randomization will occur. All randomization will be done live via blogtv to prevent any problems that may occur. The break will be done live at

    So, who's in?!

    1. Afrank45 - PAID
    2. dimsey - PAID
    3. bscook86 - PAID
    4. ConnorHeaney - PAID
    5. mattleegee - PAID
    6. bradyfanatic1224 - PAID
    7. BayAreaJavy - PAID
    8. ufgator12279 - PAID
    9. spydermat - PAID
    10. Raw5060 - PAID
    11. *StanglY* - PAID
    12. arfmax - PAID
    13. arfmax - PAID
    14. raw5060 - PAID
    15. spydermat -PAID
    16. Jazzer540 - PAID
    17. HCR3333 - PAID
    18. ufgator12279 - PAID
    19. Dshoblo - PAID
    20. thundablunda - PAID
    21. *StanglY* - PAID
    22. dimsey - PAID
    23.Xer0 - PAID
    24. bscook86 - PAID
    25. Ducky Domes - PAID


    1. 10. Raw5060
    2. 2. dimsey
    3. 21. *StanglY*
    4. 16. Jazzer540
    5. 12. arfmax
    6. 11. *StanglY*
    7. 14. bscook86
    8. 5. mattleegee
    9. 24. bscook86
    10. 23. Xer0
    11. 9. bscook86
    12. 22. dimsey
    13. 17. HCR3333
    14. 8. ufgator12279
    15. 4. ConnorHeaney
    16. 3. bscook86
    17. 15. raw5060
    18. 20. thundablunda
    19. 19. Dshoblo
    20. 6. michigandan
    21. 7. BayAreaJavy
    22. 25. raw5060
    23. 13. arfmax
    24. 18. ufgator12279
    25. 1. Afrank45

    Gold Standard Rookie Patch Autos
    Leonard Hankerson /525 - bscook86
    Mikel Leshoure /525 - *StanglY*
    Alex Green /525 - bscook86
    Greg Little /525 - arfmax
    Randall Cobb Redemption /525 - *StanglY*

    Gold Standard Jersey/Auto
    Shane Vereen Gold Leaf Rookies Jersey /299
    Randall Cobb Gold Leaf Rookies Jersey /299 - Raw5060
    Christian Ponder Gold Leaf Rookies Jersey /299 - dshoblo
    Titus Young Gold Leaf Rookies Jersey /299 - ConnerHeaney
    Ryan Torain Gold Rush Jersey /99
    Hugh McElhenny Golden Anniversary Jersey /50 - HCR3333
    Sid Luckman Golden Age Jersey /30 - mattleegee
    Raymond Berry Golden Age Jersey /99 - bscook86
    Arian Foster Gold Leaf Stars Patch /25 - bscook86
    Jeremy Maclin Gold Reserve Jersey /299 - thundablunda
    Michael Crabtree Gold Reserve Jersey Auto /25 - dimsey
    JJ Watt Rookie Auto /499 - Jazzer540
    Stanley Havili Rookie Auto /499 - arfmax
    DJ Williams Rookie Auto /499 - BayAreaJavy
    Brandon Harris Rookie Auto /499 - ufgator12279
    Scotty McKnight Rookie Auto /499 - raw5060
    Cameron Jordan Rookie Auto /499 - dimsey
    Aldrick Robinson Rookie Auto /499 - michigandan
    Jacquizz Rodgers Rookie Auto /499 - Xer0h0ur
    Barry Sanders Hall of Gold Auto /10 - raw5060

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    I'll take 16
    Sorry... "Lower than ebay" makes no sense when 1 card went for $4 and the rest go for $30+
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    #7 thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jazzer540 View Post
    I'll take 16
    Quote Originally Posted by bscook86 View Post
    3 and 24
    Quote Originally Posted by BayAreaJavy View Post
    #7 thanks!
    Quote Originally Posted by *StanglY* View Post
    Yep, #11 again plz ... Thx -Dave-
    Gotcha guys.. Hope we can fill this one soon.. I wanna bust next weekend!

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    12 & 13 please
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    Quote Originally Posted by arfmax View Post
    12 & 13 please
    Sure think buddy,

    I am gonna take spot 17 guys if ya don't mind.

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