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Thread: NAMESAKES Wanted

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    NAMESAKES Wanted

    Hey guys the ladies birthday is coming up and today I thought I might piece together her name with a bunch of different NAMESAKES, just wondering if I'm going to be able to do it for a decent price so I'm asking you guys. Looked on Ebay quickly and some are asking too much as per normal on there so I'm looking for her whole name still if you could send a pic and price that would be great

    Oh her name is Breanne so lets see whats out there for letters

    If anyone has a Z as well I'd be interested for the right price

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    I know I have an "E"...I think it's Hayes from the Blackhawks. It's red jersey with white "E".

    $12 dlvd

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    Bump for anyone browsing this evening. Going to add on to there I'd also be interested in the letter Z too.

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    Sold some of your wanted letters, but one left:

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    Lets see if anybody is Sunday browsing and has a letter or two?

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