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    December/Christmas Buying and Trading SnT (scan heavy!)

    Unfortunately, as great as my Christmas was, there was no new product for me to bust this year. I nevertheless had a great month of pickups through several good trades here, including one that might have been the biggest trade I've ever made (more on that in a moment), and many good Ebay acquisitions, several made possible by selling cards I had and turning the profits into cards I wanted. I will save a special place for the big mother trade at the end of this thread, but to start, here are the highlights of most of my monthly pick-ups. Enjoy the eye candy!

    some SPA FW auto pickups from various years

    Spezza SPA FW Auto!

    09-10 The Cup Enshrinements Kovalchuk /50

    my first ever Ranford auto, and a set need for 11-12 Ultimate 1997 Legends Signatures

    my first Mike Richter auto, and they aren't easy to come by!

    knocked this Ovy/Malkin off my 10-11 Dominion Honoured Rivals want list, and got it at a great price!

    got this beauty Norm Ullman auto at an unbelievable price that I couldn't pass up. I'm especially pleased with this addition knowing that Ullman is a tougher HOF auto to find. This is the emerald parallel /5 (set is 2008 Donruss Sports Legends, a multi-sport product).

    Speaking of HOF autos, I also landed this 11-12 The Cup Signature Patches of another guy who isn't seen often in the hobby, who could skate like the best of them and scored a few goals from what I hear ;)

    My first pick-up from this beauty sub-set from 11-12 Dominion that I've fallen in love with. I am going to try and pick away at it and see if I can do the whole thing in the long run. As you will see, I had a productive month to kick things off.

    and then this beauty...

    which leads to this, perhaps the pick-up of the month that meant the most to me, as it was one of a very select few remaining cards I need for my 07-08 Trilogy Personal Scripts set chase

    And that brings me to the mother trade! First, I must give a shout-out to the other party in this trade, SCF member Reinhart. We exchanged what must have been 40-50 PMs over several weeks before this trade finally took its final form and we could agree to post it up in the trade manager with no loose ends. He was a pleasure to deal with, was honest, friendly, and open throughout the process, and I dare say I've made another hobby friend in the process. I hope my package to him arrives today (as it is supposed to) so he can enjoy his end as much as I am enjoying mine.

    In fact, I was so pumped about this deal that when the package arrived in the mail on the 24th, I couldn't resist the temptation to put it under the family Christmas tree, and wait until the present-opening session in the morning before busting into it. Here is a pic to prove it!

    Here is my side of the deal. I will list the cards from least to most valuable. I have not included the Brayden McNabb and Eddie Lack YGs that I also received as part of the deal (for my set).


    You don't want to know what it cost me to acquire those cards, haha. I have no regrets, even if it was an arm and a leg! Hopefully Reinhart does a SnT thread of his own and shows them off!

    Best to you all!

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    Seriously, where do I even start???

    Ok from the top, lalalaaaa, a bunch of half-decent to very-decent cards I don't care about, all good, nothing to lose it over, nice Ranford, nice Spezza, then BOOM beeyootiful Malkin / Ovechkin jerseys card. Awesome Ullman auto, I have a few of those, nothing out of 5 tho. Dale Hawerchuck & Bobby Hull auto/sticks sooooooooo pretty!! ANOTHER Bobby Hull auto!!!

    Then the trade, scrolling........Simon Depres? Jonas Enroth? Hackett?? Johansen??? I should care about this whyyyoooooooooohhhhhhhh THAT'S why....... more Bobby Hull, Cam Neely auto on a disgustingly scungy piece of stick, JOE SAKIC!!!! andddddd Brett Hull!!

    Wow sir!
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    Was all the booze part of the trade lol?

    Love all those stick pieces. (are you starting a Hull PC?)

    Amazing Christmas package Paul. Congrats and thanks for the show
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