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    Box of Prizm 2 boxes of contenders

    img160.jpgPrizm was ok. Got some Nice rookie ref. Drummond is one
    Malcom Lee
    Brandon Knight
    Chris Copeland
    Tyler Zeller
    Jeff Taylor
    Terrance Ross
    Josh Selby
    Luke Ridnour Redemption


    Anthony Davis. 3rd davis in a week. I traded one of my threads I pulled on that box that had the davis. All is for sell except the davis.
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    did you get any lebron base cards? would be interested if so. thanks.


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    Interested in the Selby if it is up for grabs

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    Really? Another Davis auto! Congrats!!

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    any Mitch Richmond cards in the contenders?

    pm me if you have something

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    Andy I was in shock too. here is the kicker about it. That box I traded one of the Davis Threads auto for it and then pulled another. That box was actually pretty good with the Davis. Had the Zeller in there as well. I am going to keep the Davis and sell the other one.

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