Alright, here is the deal. Since I got out of autograph collecting I don't need the thousands of singles I have anymore. I will being selling what can be pretty much described as a grab bag of 50 cards from 2000 to present. Each bag will have a shaq, kobe, iverson and either a lebron or wade. I will also add an autograph from my collection to each bag. Possible autographs include Darius Miles, Eddie Jones, Luke Jackson, Gerald Wallace, Shawn Marion, Gilbert Arenas, Primoz Brezec, Jason Terry, Jason Kapono, Eric Snow, Kwame Brown, Carlos Boozer, Jeff McInnis, Raja Bell, Steve Smith, Kareem Rush, Keith Bogans, Jamal Sampson, Marcus Fizer.

Price is 6 dollars plus 1 dollar shipping per lot, each additional bag will be 6 dollars with only 50 cents shipping. Price break comes at 4 lots where shipping will be free for all lots.

Price chart
1 lot- 7 total
2 bags- 13.50 total
3 bags- 20 total
4 bags- 24 total
if you are interested in more than 4 bags let me know for and there might be a better deal.

Either post here or pm me for a lot. If you will be paying with paypal please include an extra 50 cents to cover the fees.