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    Andrew Luck Contenders Auto

    I've been trying to figure out about how much to expect to pay for one of these when they are released. I am pc-ing luck this year and I am trying to get a big card of his out of most of the major sets. I am selling cards on ebay now to make some money so that I can buy a couple of them when they come out and I was just wondering what kind of price tag you all are expecting on this card. I know this is going to be his biggest card other than national treasures because upper deck is not allowed to have him in anything so he won't be in SPA or exquisite. I am expecting something in the 800-1000 range. Thoughts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by deansayso View Post
    200-400 sp 1000+
    With chrome selling at 400ish you really think contenders will be that low?

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    I say about 500-700 depending on how he does the rest of the season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HiddenEvi1 View Post
    I say about 500-700 depending on how he does the rest of the season.
    i agree with this.i think it will be closer to $500 though

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    It really depends on rookie ticket variations and SP :winking0071:

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    Here's a preview of one of the Luck cards. I'm guessing $400-$500 right out of the gate.

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    yea, they rarely short print the big guys, in 2008 they kind of short printed the a couple of them but they make the super short prints of people that wouldn't other wise be collected so it gives them a little more value overall. They look awesome and I'm so glad they went back and made them look like they did in 1998, that is going to be pretty cool if anyone has the manning and the luck next to each other. i hope you all are right! no one wants to trade anything luck they have which is forcing me to buy anything i get so the cheaper the better! ha

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    They usually make a Photo variation on just about all the 1st rounders though right? Those are more valuable then the standard obviously

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