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    Collecting sports magazines/related magazines.

    I have recently started to do this and know not a whole lot that I have is worth anything but I figured I would throw this question out here. Who of you here collect such related things and have you had success in selling/trading them later on?

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    I collect ones that feature my PC players, but those are just another part to my collection & wouldn't sell them.
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    Is there anyone here that has sold them and made money or made trades? I have a few that I have collected for my PC but I have others that have guys like Derrick Rose and Kevin Durrant, just to name a couple, and I can either hold on to them or trade them.

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    I casually collect them but sports cards come first. My main magazine PC is SI for Kids.
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    I assume you mean magazines like Sports illustrated and ESPN? The thing to remember about magazines is that, much like the current cards, there are millions of them, well not millions but thousands to 10's to 100's of thousands perhaps. It seems that nowadays if there is a special cover everyone and their brother saves 25 copies and they are all over ebay. That, coupled with the fact that there are fewer collectors makes them almost worthless for current editions and anything less than 25 years old or probably even more. There are a few exceptions I'm sure but unlike cards there are no numbered variants to make them more desirable. In general magazines without the mailing label are more desirable so if you can buy them off a news stand rather than subscribe that may boost their desirability. Condition, like with anything else, is also very important and it is much more difficult to get a magazine (as opposed to a card say) in mint condition and to keep it that way. Doctors office waiting rooms are not really good sources because the conditions are usually pretty bad after a few days. Shipping is also more expensive for a magazine. If you can take advantage of regional covers you might be able to to sell to some fans across the country where they may not be available but you have to be quick about it. Usually within a few hours of them hitting the news stands they are all over ebay.

    I do collect magazines with the Packers on the cover if I can catch them at the news stand but I'm not going to pay 10 or 15 bucks off ebay to get one I missed. I'd trade for them if could but since I don't have much in the way of trade bait that's probably out of the question. There is nothing that says you can't do it but I wouldn't plan on doing a brisk business unless you have sources for older ones.If it doesn't hurt you to pick them up here and there you may be able to make a few minor trades but no one will be beating your door down for them.
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    Okay, so it sounds like the East Bay catalogs, unless they are of someone from a team I collect, are pretty much worthless and I try and get the newsstand mags as well. Thanks for the info guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stewman View Post
    Okay, so it sounds like the East Bay catalogs, unless they are of someone from a team I collect, are pretty much worthless and I try and get the newsstand mags as well. Thanks for the info guys!
    I'm not familiar with the East Bay catalogs but I did a quick search and see that they are an athletic supply company. There are also a quite a few on Ebay. Some get bids others do not. A few went for a $7.00 BO and others didn't get 99 cent bids. They may be a bit more collectible because fewer people may be aware of them and many people who get them may not think of them as collectible so they just throw them away. I would guess that there are a lot of them out there though so supply is probably far greater than demand. There were two Packers issues (Matthews and Williams) in the completed listings and both went for 99 cents. To be honest, If I saw them at a garage sale or a flea market for 99 cents I may pick them up but I wouldn't go out of my way to bid on them on ebay as neither of these issues showed the players in Packers uniforms. Others though do show the player in their uniforms and if there were any Packers I might go after them.

    I'm just one guy though so don't take my word for it. If you have copies of the catalogs then by all means post them up, you never know who might be interested. I just don't think its going to net you anything huge.

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    i think itd just be collectible to the person collecting that person/team.
    only worth what some one is willing to pay

    ive only got a couple of random si, and several cardinals yearbooks and gameday mags( late 90's)
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    I figured I would hold onto them for a while and see what I might be able to do later. If anything, they would look good on the wall and someday maybe even get signed. That would be a great collection.

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