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    Free Game Used and RC's and #'d even a few autos for trivia answer

    I tried this on beckett and it worked great tons of responses. First time here was ok than 2nd time only one response. I'll be fully honest so you guys and gals dont think its a scam. As some of you may know I have cancer at a very young age. I brlirvr I will beat it most Dr's do not. I have a binder full of doubles of gused ,young guns,other rookies,inserts#'d,and even 3 autos. Some of the gused are really nice like islanders undra trio,some masterpiece canvas,quick/bernier combo,rookie rused etc. noo gimmicks you get the right answer and depending on difficulty i will give you a choice of 3-5 cards there will always be a gused amongst them even on easiest question. so here we go again.
    1)How many players have scored 70 goals or more, name them and their highest goal output. Please refrain from using internet or books this is a what you remember,we are on our honour.

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    I don't know the answer to this but I just want to say sorry about your cancer and it is awesome to see your spirit! It is so kind of you to give away cards!

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    Can't count how many times the doctors Are proven WRONG people who "get" the healing power of a Positive Spirit...all the best to you!!!
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    PM sent

    Might have missed a couple but these are the ones I can think of
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    Gave it a shot, PM sent. Just checked online, missed a few!
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    i am not sure love hockey but never was good at keeping track of things like this but i am glad you have a positive spirit and being so kind to others. My only guesses would be gretsky Kings 76, inginla flames 80 and lemuix penguins 76, i gave a shot. good luck and i hope you prove all the drs wrong

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    i'm not sure the answer
    and even if i'm worng
    oh well
    i'll say rookie-teemu selanne..rookie-year-76??i think.

    **hope you that all turns out for you and your family**
    heres my bucket

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    Rook has it, honorable mention to the boss for 68 and 69 goal seasons! Ovy scored 65, think he could easily do it with a big time center man.
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    LF: Ovechkin and 2012-13 Artifacts # /125/75//15/8/5/3/1
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    PM sent with my guesses
    Keep up your hope and fight the good fight, prayers are with you

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    Espo scored 76 in 1971, I remember that one. Gretzky scored over 90 and he helped Kurri score 70+, Lemieux and Brett Hull in the 80's, Teemu did for sure and either Mogilny or Fedorov did it as the only Russians.
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