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    Andrew Luck and RG3 Lots for sale

    Looking to take offers. No price in mind really and im not desperate to sell. Figured id throw these up and see what kind of offers I can get.

    Robert Griffin III
    2012 R&S Crusades Red Auto /99
    2012 R&S Longevity Freshman Orientaion Jersey
    2012 Topps Chrome x2
    2012 Topps Chrome Refractor
    2012 Topps Chrome Xfractor
    2012 Topps Chrome Purple Refractor /499
    2012 Topps Chrome 1957 # 3
    2012 Topps Chrome 1957 #4 x3
    2012 Topps Chrome 1984 x4
    2012 Topps RC
    2012 Topps Paramount Pairs w/ Andrew Luck
    2012 Topps Platinum RC
    2012 Topps Strata Hobby Variation
    2012 Topps Strata Retail Variation
    2012 Score RC

    Andrew Luck
    2012 Topps Chrome RC x7
    2012 Topps Chrome RC Refractor
    2012 Topps Chrome 1965 Tall Boy
    2012 Topps Chrome 1957 #1 x2
    2012 Topps Chrome 1984 x3
    2012 Topps Paramount Pairs w/ Jim Plunkett
    2012 Topps Platinum RC x2
    2012 Topps Platinum RC Xfractor
    2012 Topps Strata RC Hobby Variation
    2012 Topps Strata RC Retail Variation
    2012 Topps Rookie Refractors
    2012 Score RC

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    I will make you an offer on the lots, but before I take the time to figure it out, are you willing to send first like the site rules state?

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    please pm me on what you are hoping to get...i want them all

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    all I scanned in the auto but I can get a group pic if youd like

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    how much you need on rg3 purple refractor and xfractor?

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    PM me a price on the lot. If it's worthwhile for me, I'll take the whole thing. Break them down for me too if you would.
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