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    Manon Rheaume Autograph Signing in Toronto

    Manon Rheaume was in town on Saturday for her son's hockey tournament, and agreed to do a public signing
    event at Frozen Pond. It was many years ago since she made history playing in an NHL game for the Tampa Bay Lightning, but she is still as pretty as she was back then. Here are a few pics from her Saturday, Toronto appearance. Up next at The pond will be "The Golden Jet" Bobby Hull on January 26th. I will post pictures, so stay tuned for those.

    Manon Rheaume (December 27th 2012)

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    What a nice looking lady!
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    Wow, how many son's can say their mom played in the NHL, she is beautiful too!
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    Thanks for sharing a women that gives all girls hope of putting on the pads for the NHL if they ever get back on the ice.

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