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    Need some input on my collecting techniques...

    I am new to the forum, but not new to collecting. I used to have at least 50,000 cards, but learned as i got older that quality is better than quantity. My question now is, IF i wanted to get some of my cards graded, is it A) even worth it B) Who do i go to [PSA, BGS, BCCG, SGC,GAI]. I remember about 10 years ago BGS was the way to go but not sure if that has changed at all since then. Also for some reason since i have started up the quality idea, i have really been into Jersey cards, not sure why, but i am trying to get my Vintage collection down too. down the line i look to get more autos. Thanks again!!!

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    If you're going to grade, PSA and BGS are definitely the ways to go. And to answer your question about is it worth it, it really depends on what cards they are and what their current conditions are.
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    BGS, PSA, and SGC are about the only graded cards I would bother getting. Anything else really doesn't seem worth it. As for what to get graded. It really depends on what you have. For modern stuff unless the set is very condition sensitive if the card isn't a 9 or above then it isn't worth it. Sometimes it has to be higher than a 9 just to make money grading it. For vintage cards obviously this is different. A suggestion I would make would be to see what is worthy of being graded then check what the card would go for on eBay in that condition. If they are selling for a lot then go for it. If it isn't or you would just about break even then do not do it.
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    ya i figured i would go with PSA. i have a montana RC but i dont think it going to grade that high since centering isnt the best, but its pretty sharp, but still dont think i will just yet, will look for another one. my Jerry Rice RC is almost flawless so was considering sending that one out, thanks again for the replies!!!

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