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    looking for chrome or finest, rookies refractors, xfractors, and colors of....

    any cowboys stuff i dont already have
    peyton manning
    aaron rodgers
    tom brady
    ben roethlisberger
    andrew luck


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    i have a brady camo.....and i have some luck and rg3 colored stuff but its only for trade for a wilson auto...

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    sorry man no wilson autos yet
    thanks for the intrest though

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    what do u want for that polamalu finest rookie u got?
    the brady camo is for trade or sell....just the lucks are preserved for wilson auto

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    well what would you give up lol....i dont know exactly what you have for luck or rg3

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    well i can use the any of the rg3s chrome minus the inserts
    the brady

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    im gonna pass man..i need the polamalu...just trying to hold onto luck and rg3 stuff right now..if u can find anything else to go with the brady camo lmk

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    ok no problem thanks for intrest

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