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    History of Hockey- Discrepancy b/w Sneak Peak + Actual Cards?

    Hey all,

    Being a vintage collector, was originally very excited for the History of Hockey release. Not often you have the chance to grab some of the most valuable vintage rookie cards in great shape.

    I have noticed a bit of a discrepancy however... please see the ITG Sneak Peak Pic of the Richard Rookie:

    Now correct me if I am wrong, but I believe only 1 of these rookies were inserted into the product? The card was pulled by a member here, and frankly it doesnt match the card above.....

    Here is a better picture:

    Definitely doesnt look like the same card condition wise. Please let me know if I am wrong somewhere in this, but if ITG is advertising that you can pull much better condition cards than are actually in the product, I have a bit of a problem with that, as the value difference in even the two cards above would likely be a couple THOUSAND dollars.

    What do you guys think? Dont think I will be buying any more H.O.H., who knows what the main chase card, Bobby Orr rookie, even looks like (as it appears MINT from the mockups)?

    Hoping this is the only card thats like this, but still a major case of false advertisement... If the other cards are like this, this product is COMPLETELY pointless to bust- why buy a case when you can buy the "chase" cards for the price of a mini case?


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    ITG actually had these cards on display at the expo and the cards in the advertisement looked identical to the actual cards. Not sure if someone is pulling your leg with that richard but something is definately wrong here

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    Welcome to a thing called, "The world". Yes, ITG led us all to believe that the vintage RC's would be in high grade from the promo pics. The reality is, not so much. Take a look at the Roy OPC RC that was pulled and posted on eBay. If that sucker with it's rounded corners gets a BGS 7, I'll be stunned.

    And yes, when 4 packs cost more than a mint Gretzky RC (And that's a HUGE hit, no arguments there), the product is not worth your time or money. Unfortunately, the same can be said of many hockey products available today. I was jacked for History of Hockey. Right up until I started seeing the breaks. Then... ugh! Thanks for reminding me that I should spend my money or real word things and not garbage.
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    Mock-ups very rarely resemble the final product. Ever see a Big Mac in person that looks as good as it does in the ads?
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    The mock-ups were made in July 2012, long before we determined that the Rookie Cards would be Authenticated by Beckett. That decision was made in September 2012, three months before the product was released.

    The mock-ups were replaced by the Beckett Authenticated cards as soon as the Beckett-slabbed cards were returned to us and long before the product was solicited.

    We wanted Beckett to authenticate the Rookie cards to insure that none of the cards were forgeries or trimmed. There are many forged and trimmed Rookie cards in the hobby and that's why we wanted to Beckett to insure that any cards we acquired were not in either of these categories.

    Brian Price

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    Quote Originally Posted by dburzyn View Post
    ...from the mockups
    You answered your own question.

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    UD Uses mockups, with a fake signature and everything... the cards in the "sneak peak" were actually real cards, and as another member mentioned- were even on display at the expo advertising the product... little did we know that those would not actually be included in the product, which is silly.

    RGM- I took the preview pictures as more of a UD Pre-The Cup Pack out pics instead of a "Mockup", which I believe was the intention of them. (and as the DR. mentioned likely was as the decision to switch to beckett was made late.... In that case the cards shown are actually the ones packed out.

    Thanks for chiming in Dr., however I dont agree with leading collectors on thinking they have a chance at a mint vintage rookie when in fact your throwing in crappy mid-grade replacements.


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    Sorry Dave, that's not what I said, the decision to use Beckett was made early not late. It was made three months before the product was released.

    The cards displayed at the Expo were the Beckett slabbed cards not mock-ups.

    The cards in the product were not "crappy mid-grade replacements". However, the Orr, Richard, Hull are not Beckett 9s or 10s. I don't think anyone expected that nor did we ever promise that. Those cards are impossible to find.

    I think anyone pulling the Richard, Plante, Sawchuk, Hull, Howe, Vezina etc should be very pleased.

    Brian Price

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    You'll get Dr.Price to admit he is wrong no matter how blatent, about as often as ITG gets NHL licensing

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    Quote Originally Posted by RGM81 View Post
    Mock-ups very rarely resemble the final product. Ever see a Big Mac in person that looks as good as it does in the ads?

    I got nothing left to say about this product. However, the lady at the Esso Timmys at 8th & 6th in New Westminster will excruciatingly slowly (I have to get to work!!) make you a Bagel BELT that looks every bit as good as the one in the commercial. Four bacon strips too!!
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