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Thread: Topps Chrome case hit!

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    Topps Chrome case hit!

    This is my 2nd case hit in 6 boxes of 2012 chrome, the first a 1957 Brock Osweiler patch/auto #'d to 10. This time around I got another 1957 patch/auto of Lamar miller #'d 4/10. A RIII diecut didn't hurt my feelings either!
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    selling any of the base autos?
    Always looking for new Dodger Items!

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    not at the moment Cole, all I have is Toon, Posey and Martin anyway!

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    Nice Miller and RG3!


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    Congrats on the Break. If you have time I would be interested in any numbered kellen moore you may have pulled. Thanks
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    Case hit! Sweet!
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    @meandsharon: just the base but I am a Texans fan as well so I'll be holding on to that one ;)
    @jrebert: thanks!
    @texastexancc: I will check tomorrow and send you a message if I have any!

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    Lol ok np. I have the base. Im getting his chrome auto rainbow and just wondered if you had others. I think its smart to hold on to his stuff. Dude looks unreal when they actually use him lol

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    if you have to get one of the "consolation" dolphins,it might as well be a sick patch low print!well done
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