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    Latest Kurri & Fuhr additions along with some vintage and more!

    I haven't been nearly as active lately but have managed to add a few things to the collection. So without further adieu, he are my latest additions to close 2012.

    As always, I will start with the non-PC:

    Cam Ward Luxury Suite Stick & Jersey /100

    Tomas Vokoun Luxury Suite Patch & Prime Jersey /20

    Allen York Dominion ARP

    And on with the PC! (all NFT)

    A big thank you to ravens_creed for sending me this Crawford Nameplate /25 after doing him a favour

    I have had this Fuhr for a while and realized that I forgot to scan it a few months ago. One of the few times he is ever shown with the Blues

    Received this Belfour Dominion patch auto knowing there would be some damage to it. I really didn't know exactly what to expect, but surprisingly (IMO) it's not that bad. All along the left edge, but not terribly bad.

    For the past few months I have been really excited for the release of a set by Panini. I would rank the design and concept of this set with Masterpieces and 06-07 Parkhurst. When I saw that the Kurri auto from the base set was an SP and that people were hardly breaking it, I jumped on picking it up along with another Kurri. Here are a couple of Panini Classic Signatures!

    Kurri Auto SP

    Kurri Innaugural Inks /100

    And finally, I bought the last 2 cards off a friend who pulled both from some breaks of his. He originally showed me the Coffey, but I saw another card which is became the first piece of vintage memorabilia for me. Even the Coffey looks to be from an early '80s Oilers jersey. I am very excited to add both of these low numbered cards to the PC!

    King Clancy Captain-C Glove /9

    Paul Coffey Superlative Patch /3!!!

    Since the day I bought both cards, I have been really excited about both! The Clancy is by far the oldest piece of memorabilia I have owned and the Coffey is the first and only game used Coffey patch in my collection. The rarity of both cards is an extra bonus as well.

    Thanks for the look. Comments are welcome and appreciated as always.
    Collecting: auto's and game used patches of Jari Kurri, Grant Fuhr, Paul Coffey and other 80's Oilers. Also looking Ed Belfour autos. For all players, it doesn't matter what team they are shown with.

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    Well, yet another amazing S & T, love Fuhr with the Blues (where I got to see him in person a few times), of course the Kurri are awesome, but man I'm lovin' that Coffey. Great show as usual. PM coming with a small story for ya.
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    I collect: Kurri, '70s Kelloggs and Topps hockey, football, and baseball cards, vintage stars and World Series subset cards.

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    Really nice pick ups to end the year... the Ward one is the best though
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