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Thread: The last box of Prizm for me

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    The last box of Prizm for me

    Went to the LCS today. They had one box of Prizm left so I tested my luck(I hit this on a Christmas box: )

    Here are the results of the box today:

    The Kemba and Lillard are the Prizm/Refractor things. The Shumpert is the /25 auto.

    I think that I did fairly well.

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    You did really good with both your boxes, this seems to be an all or nothing product from what i've seen cracked. LMK if there is something your looking for in trade on the Schumpert auto, i've got a ton of Basketball that will be going into my bucket tommorrow, mostly Totally Certified and 2 boxes worth of Absolute hits.

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    Let me know when you update the basketball bucket because it is definitely FT. As for the Prizm, I have cracked 10 boxes all together. I have hit that Kobe auto, a Kobe anthology auto relic, a Kyrie Downtown Bound Prizm, 5 gold Prizms total, and three of the Prizm autos out of 25(one was the Kobe, the Shumpert, and the third was some stiff that I have never heard of).
    It is funny you say that because one of the regulars at the LCS was going back and forth on buying the box. It was the last unopened box at the store. He had opened 4 boxes, no golds, no good prizms for him. So I told him that if he didn't grab it I would. I ended up going in halves with my wife and we opened it in the store. It just so happened that the Shumpert books at $50, the Kemba is $15 and the Lillard is just rediculous. Definitely worth the $109 for that box(the boxes were $99 until they increased to $109 a few weeks ago).

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    Is the Deron Williams USA insert FS/FT?? Do you have anymore USA inserts?
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    It is FT. I also have the Harden and Chandler that are FT.

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    Fairly Well?!?!?!? You did great, the Lillard alone sells for $180...

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    I guess you are right. It was a great box. I threw the Lillard on the Bay to see if it will pay for the box.

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